Virgin Atlantic

Virgin Atlantic

On the back of the news that a 20lb live lobster was found in a passenger’s luggage at Boston airport, Virgin Atlantic has released its list of weird items people have tried to check in.

They include a variety of animals, ranging from fish, a budgie on a customer’s shoulder and an entire dead cow, along with several car parts including an engine. There also seems to be regional patterns, with brooms arriving regularly at check ins in India and tyres in Lagos.

Here’s the loony list…

  • A bag filled with water, with four live goldfish, trying to travel from Barbados
  • A car bumper, trying to fly from London Heathrow
  • Loose car tyres, travelling from Shanghai to London
  • A large fridge freezer trying to fly from Las Vegas
  • A dead cow, wrapped in bubble wrap
  • A bathtub, trying to get to London from Johannesburg
  • The headboard of a bed, flying from Delhi

Virgin Atlantic boss Mark Anderson said: “We’ve always flown to an eclectic mix of destinations, so it’s only right to expect an eclectic selection of baggage! Our global teams speak to so many customers on a daily basis and it certainly brightens their day when they notice something out of the ordinary.

“However, to ensure our customers have the smoothest journey possible, it’s always best to visit our website to check what is allowed on-board – which certainly doesn’t include bathtubs! ”

Such items cannot be taken in the cabin but Virgin Atlantic’s cargo service does transport a plethora of goods, including cars, so putting loose tyres as cargo are not actually a problem.