Orlando theme park tickets

This is the sort of deal we like – prices won’t go up but they might come down!

Attraction Tickets Direct is bringing back its popular win-win deposit scheme if booking 2018 Orlando theme park tickets.

The scheme guarantees that customers get the very best price, by promising that once a £25 per person deposit is paid, prices won’t go up, but they might go down.

Any price increases caused by a continuing weakening of the pound will not be passed on to customers who have paid a deposit for their 2018 Orlando tickets. If the pound strengthens causing prices to reduce, ATD will honour the lower price at the time of final balance payment.

Two key differences to the 2018 price promise are:

  1. Customers can pay the balance at any time of their choosing – so as prices fluctuate, they can decide what price they are happy to pay.
  2. Customers can choose the added value offer that they prefer – if a better or preferable offer comes along between paying the deposit and paying the balance, they can switch offers free of charge with just a phone call.

This guarantee means that regardless of exchange rates, those who book early will not miss out on potentially cheaper prices but will have also locked in the current price.

The offer is available on all 2018 Orlando theme park ticket bookings including Walt Disney World, Universal Orlando Resort – home to Harry Potter’s Diagon Alley, above –and SeaWorld parks. Prices start from £114 per adult and £109 per child for a 3-Park SeaWorld, Aquatica and Busch Gardens Ticket, with a deposit of £25 per person.

To book visit www.attraction-tickets-direct.co.uk