We’re still undecided on whether this is brilliant or bonkers – but a new gadget is out that ensures your towel won’t blow away or slip down your sun lounger.

Invented by 73-year-old Terry Jackson, the Securit4u towel fastener clips onto either side of the towel and holds it in place with an elasticated band.

Terry said: “My wife and I have been on many cruises and I find it most irritating when I have to rearrange my towel over and over again, so I tested several different methods of solving this on-going problem that resulted in the Securit4u towel fastener.”

Terry has always been an inventor; in 1980 he was an engineer and owned the company Jackson & Keay Ltd, which specialised in testing and refurbishing all types of pressurised gas cylinders. Most of the equipment used in this company was designed by Terry himself.

Terry added:”The towel fasteners are a revolutionary idea and the feedback has been fantastic, we have been asked why it isn’t on the market already. They are so easy and convenient to use, no more reaching over and re-arranging like we have done for beach holidays up till now.”

The fasteners are priced at  £2.95 on Ebay and are available directly through the website at

Rumours of a German version with a padlock on it are unfounded.