Nearly a half of passengers have given the thumbs up to the new Ryanair customer-friendly approach according to a survey.

The survey of 1,000 UK holidaymakers by World Travel Market asked a number of questions about Ryanair a year after the airline raised eyebrows when it promised it would adopt a number of customer-service improvements.

Passengers who could compare Ryanair before and after its rethink were generally positive, with 46% saying the experience was better. More than one-in-three (39%) said they didn’t notice any difference with 17% saying the experience was now worse than before.

The customer service improvement which is most popular with passengers is its decision to allow a second small carry-on bag at no charge (37%) and allocated seating (35%).

One in ten liked the introduction of “quiet flights” in the mornings and evenings, where cabin announcements by staff would be limited to safety announcements with no sales or promotional voiceovers.

But one of its highest profile changes hardly registered, with only 7% highlighting its more user-friendly website.

World Travel Market Senior Director Simon Press said: “Ryanair has always divided opinions, but recent changes in its attitude towards the travelling public shows that it is a business which is capable of change. Holidaymakers clearly like the new customer-friendly approach from Ryanair.”