Far from being a ‘man’s’ best friend, it is women who go barking mad for their dogs on holiday.

Female dog owners – like Magda in the film There’s Something About Mary –  miss their pets more than their partners, friends or family when they are away, according to new research.

Travel comparison site Skyscanner surveyed more than 1,000 dog owners and found that, while men would miss their partner the most if they were on holiday without them (37%), women don’t return the favour. Only 21% of women polled said they’d miss their partner most with 37% putting their favourite pooch at the head of the pack.

And the canine craze doesn’t end there. Dog owners go to great lengths to keep in touch with their pet while on holiday. As many as 40% have called or texted from holiday to check that Fido is OK, while 14% have admitted to ‘chatting’ to their dog by phone so that it can hear their voice. Another 5% have taken it further and had a holiday Skype ‘conversation’ with their dog. For those favouring a more traditional touch, 6% have put pen to paper to write their dog a postcard.

The survey also reveals many travellers feel ruff when it comes to jetting off abroad without their four legged friend, with 22% of holidaymakers taking a photo of their pooch on holiday.  A shocking 3% of dog owners admit to having cut their hard earned holiday short and returned home early as they missed their dog too much.

Skyscanner’s Victoria Bailie said “Many dog owners see their pet as part of the family, so it’s understandable that they miss them when they go away on holiday. The survey does show that there’s paws for thought as to whether a dog really is man’s best friend, particularly if they know that their partners are missing their dogs more than them when away.