easyJet’s safety promises to get you flying again


Promises: easyJet launch confidence pledge to encourage flying

Airlines are desperate to be flying again as soon as possible, but are aware Brits are concerned about the risk of contracting Covid-19. easyJet, which plans to resume flights on June 15, has written to customers assuring them of safety measures and launching their ‘Europe with Confidence Pledge’

Boss Johan Lundgren says: “We’ve been connecting people and places for over 25 years, and we’re always committed to helping you feel safe to travel.” He added the pledge was a promise to “look out for your wellbeing, reaffirm our commitment on sustainability, and continue to offer great value.”


Keeping clean: Army of staff will disinfect planes every day

New measures include deep cleaning of aircraft every day, crew and passengers wearing masks and initially where possible, keeping passengers apart as much as possible. All planes are, also, equipped with industry-leading filtration systems to keep the air in the cabin as clean as possible.

easyJet are aware people may be wary about making a booking right now, so they are promising that people can switch flights up to 14 days before departure free of charge for as long as travel restrictions remain.