Emerald Waterways’ new thrills include waterskiing and paragliding from the back of its river ships!

Emerald Waterways is launching a new activity on board their fleet this summer – waterskiing and paragliding from the back of its river ships.

Guests in search of an adrenaline rush will be able to take part in these high-speed activities for the first time, thanks to a revolutionary ‘turbo-boost’ button equipped on all of the cruise line’s luxury Star-Ships.

The sporting thrills – available from today, April 1 – are part of Emerald Waterways’ enhanced on-board fitness programme, which is being overseen by specialist activity managers assigned to all Star-Ships.

A rich programme of on-shore excursions – including guided cycle tours, hiking and canoeing experiences – as well as a wide selection of daily on-board classes have already been announced as the cruise line caters for a younger and more adventurous clientele.

Emerald Waterways European Excitement Director Olaf Prilo explained how the company had opted to upgrade the engines of its fleet this winter with nitrous oxide injection – similar to the system used in cars by street racers.

“Forget cruising sedately. Emerald Waterways is going to expand its reach and cater to those who feel the ‘need for speed’. Our new ‘boost’ button fires these Star-Ships up the river like a speedboat. Whether you are having a go at the water-skiing experience or just standing on deck, we are guaranteeing to get our guests’ hearts racing.”

Prilo said the water-skiing and paragliding sessions would take part in the centre of selected European cities following protracted negotiations with local authorities across the continent.

“Some loved the idea and agreed to our plans straight away, but there were some who turned it down. They couldn’t believe we’d proposed something so crazy!”

When high-speed sailing takes place, Emerald Waterways will shift the timings of its on-deck yoga, to ensure their guests’ shavasna is not disturbed.

For more information and to book please visit www.emeraldwaterways.co.uk/needforspeed/