Fly me to World Cup says Pelé!


Football legend Pelé was in full flight yesterday when named a Global Ambassador for Emirates to showcase their sponsorship of sports around the world. 

The Brazilian superstar flew on an Emirates 380 from Zurich to Dubai and said: “It would be great if Emirates would fly the A380 to Brazil for the World Cup!”

He added: “Emirates is one of the most outstanding brands in global sports today. Having just flown on Emirates’ A380, I can say from personal experience that it is also an outstanding airline.

“My flight was very comfortable and it was delightful to be onboard with their helpful and friendly staff. And with such an international mix of passengers, Emirates is truly a global airline just like the global game of football. Emirates is a proud supporter of sports around the world, and I am honoured to be its Global Ambassador.”

The partnership was announced in Dubai, the home of Emirates airline. It is the second time the airline has worked with a Global Ambassador to complement its FIFA World Cup campaign, the first being Franz Beckenbauer during the 2006 tournament in Germany.

HH Sheikh Majid Al Mualla, Divisional Senior Vice President of Emirates said: “Pelé is a global icon. He is recognised, respected, and an inspiration to people around the world. He represents the best values of ‘the beautiful game’ of football, not only because he was a great player, but also because he uses the power of sports to connect people – with each other, with communities, and with opportunities. In many ways, Pelé stands for the same values that Emirates does.”

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