How to follow Prince Harry to Antarctica

Prince Harry

Prince Harry is in Antarctica ready for a gruelling 335km charity trek – but there are easier ways of exploring the often forgotten corner of the globe in comfort.

Hurtigruten offer a range of explorer voyages to the region every winter on-board the MS Fram. You can even spend a night camping on the frozen landscape.

If you have dreamed of following in the footsteps of great explorers such as Roald Amundsen, but like your home comforts too much, the MS Fram gives you an opportunity to experience environments at the very ends of the earth on voyages that go beyond the realms of traditional cruise lines.

Antarctica is the planet’s last untouched continent, devoid of permanent human inhabitants, yet its oceans are unimaginably rich in bird and marine life and it’s surreal and haunting landscapes are like nothing else on earth. It is also home to millions of penguins, thousands of seals and is a rich feeding area for large numbers of whales.

Prince Harry is to be applauded for his extraordinary feat, but not all of us can be as fit! You can choose to relax on board as the ship glides through the water and join lectures on a range of subjects from a team of on-board experts.

This winter, Hurtigruten have added a new excursion allowing you to pitch tents and spend a night camping in the inhospitable terrain. This excursion is for adventure seekers who want to indulge their spirit of discovery. In a small group of no more than 15, you will be taken ashore where you will set up camp and spend the night, equipped with outdoor equipment specially tailored to the region, including warm winter sleeping bags and expedition tents.

Hurtigruten is offering a 13 day “The land of the penguins” voyage departing from Ushuaia, Argentina on November 19, 2014, from £5,699 per person (for an inside cabin). Flights and one night in a hotel before and after the voyage costs from £1,750 per person.

The camping excursion costs approximately £330 per person (payable locally).


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