Give kids their first holiday

Neil Oliver

Help give kids have their first summer holiday. Around 2.2 million families in the UK (that’s almost one in every three) can’t afford a short break away from home, and 1.5 million families cannot afford even one day away at the seaside.

TV’s Neil Oliver is hoping he can help change those numbers by becoming the ambassador for the Family Holiday Association charity‘s summer coast appeal. The BBC Coast presenter is asking people to donate on so that the most needy families get a break. Even a simple seaside trip offers sustainable wellbeing to a family struggling with poverty, illness, bereavement or disability.

The Family Holiday Association provides breaks at the British seaside for more than 8,000 children and their families each year.  Typically, the charity offers these families a chance to spend a few days in a caravan in a UK seaside town.

Oliver said: “The work of the Family Holiday Association really does make a difference. It would be wonderful to help me make our coast matter. Imagine trying to cope with the worst that life can throw at you but with no chance of an escape and with nothing to look forward to.

“I really want to encourage everyone lucky enough to enjoy holidays and day trips to support this appeal. The money we raise will help children see the sea for the first time in their lives. Together we can help those families who can’t see any escape from the daily struggle of impoverished lives. Whatever you donate – it will matter.”