Almost half of Brits fear holiday booking scams

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More than two in five Brits are afraid of holiday booking scams according to a new report.

The research by review company Trustpilot also shows that two thirds of people (68 per cent) say holidays are an important investment for them, while three quarters (74 per cent) say holidays are one of the biggest individual spends they make every year. Additionally, 62 per cent of people say they proactively save money during the year to spend on holiday.

To back up the research, Trustpilot has outlined the “trust triggers” for customers when researching holiday companies.

No hidden fees tops the list, with 91 per cent of respondents saying this is important to them when making a decision about booking a holiday through a holiday provider. Other trust triggers include an easy-to-use booking system (86 per cent), a user-friendly website (80 per cent) and positive online reviews (78 per cent).



No hidden fees


Reasonable price


Easy-to-use booking system


Protected purchase (e.g. ATOL protected)  


User-friendly website


Positive online reviews  


Telephone customer service


Heard of the brand


Recommendations from family and friends


Positive feedback on social media


The research highlights that a company’s online presence is especially important to holiday makers. Almost three quarters of consumers (73 per cent) say they wouldn’t purchase a holiday from a website which looks unprofessional. Plus, the research also shows that online reviews are a crucial factor in helping consumers make informed decisions when booking a holiday. Some 65 per cent say they specifically consider a company’s reviews before making a new holiday booking with them, while 69 per cent of respondents say they will choose a holiday provider that has better reviews over a cheaper one with poor reviews.


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