New travel company: Book a holiday and support a charity

book a holiday and support a charity

Book and donate: New not-for-profit travel company launches today

Your-Hols loves this idea – book a holiday and support a charity of your choice. Today, a not-for-profit travel agency has been launched which allows customers to donate 5% of their holiday cost to a UK-registered charity.

Charitable Travel, which will sell holidays to worldwide destinations from September this year, is a member of Worldchoice, and will make donations through a partnership with JustGiving. People will pay no more for their holiday, as donations will come out of the company’s commission.

Founder Melissa Tilling, who has been managing travel companies for more than 33 years, (so knows what she is talking about) said: “I have always been a fervent believer in the good that travel and tourism can bring to local communities in the destinations served and although the industry is facing an incomparable crisis right now, we are resilient. UK travellers are passionate about their holidays and determined they will travel again once it is safe to do so.

“During the current COVID crisis we have seen an inspiring show of unity from people across the country, a true community spirit has arisen as we realise the importance of appreciating and supporting one another. We have also been reminded in recent months that to travel is a privilege and many of us have spent our time in isolation seeking out travel inspiration, planning for that much needed break to look forward to.

“Charitable Travel wants to help encourage a continuation of this more thoughtful mindset by helping travellers combine philanthropy with their holiday planning, providing the opportunity to donate part of their holiday cost to a much-needed charitable causes.

“When customers are ready to start booking holidays again, we offer a new way to book that will ensure travel will be a force for good, regardless of the destination and travel type, because every booking creates a positive outcome for a charitable cause.”

Gary Lewis, chief executive of Worldchoice, said: “We are very excited by the opportunity this new style of charitable travel company offers to raise significant funds for good causes.”

The concept is simple, Charitable Travel sacrifices travel agency commission. When customers book a cruise or a holiday, they convert 5% of the price of their trip into a donation to a charity of their choice through the dedicated JustGiving webpage.

Marshall Simmonds, JustGiving director, said: “The combination of the travel industry, an underlying social and charitable purpose and an effective mechanism for fundraising through JustGiving makes Charitable Travel a powerful opportunity for travel consumers wanting to make a real difference in personal giving at no extra cost when they book holidays, flights cruises and hotels.”

Charitable Travel has so far focused on developing partnership with charities outside the top 25 fundraisers including Just A Drop, a grassroots charity which transforms lives by bringing sustainable safe water, sanitation and hygiene projects to communities across the world.

For more information see Charitable Travel 

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