On your lonesome? Check out this site…


If you’re the kind of person who likes to holiday alone, a new website might help.

Singleplanet.co.uk claims to be the first review site in the world that rates hotels purely on their ability to cater to singletons.

“There are 15.7 million single people in the UK, and yet hotels have very little understanding of this huge market,” says founder Nigel Leacock.

“I prefer to travel independently, not on an organised ‘singles holiday’ and whether it’s a city break or a fortnight in the sun, I want a hotel that doesn’t expect me to sleep in a broom cupboard or eat dinner in my room every night.  Why is that so hard to find?”

Leacock has travelled widely both with his family and on business: divorced for more than 10 years, frustration at trawling hundreds of websites has driven him to launch SinglePlanet as a community with clout to influence the hotel industry.

“It’s time the hotel industry woke up to the potential of the single travelle,” he adds. “We are footloose and fancy-free; we can travel off-season and at short notice.  Why don’t hotels get this?”

SinglePlanet.co.uk already features more 100 single-friendly hotels, primarily in Europe, Asia, the Caribbean and Africa.  Leacock now wants other single travellers to recommend new hotels to be included.

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