See BA cockpit video of one of the world’s trickiest landings

cockpit video

Now this is when you need a first-class pilot. A BA cockpit video shows you just how skilled pilots need to be when faced with one of the world’s most challenging landings.

The video gives a pilot’s eye view of landing into Funchal – one of BA’s new destinations. Special approval is needed from the Portuguese aviation authority for pilots to fly there.

cockpit video cockpit video

Pilots flying the three times a week service from Gatwick must undergo specialist training, including flight simulation to study every aspect of the approach in detail. Only 20 BA captains can fly there at the moment.

In the video hereCaptains Ally Wilcox and Ian Mills, show how it’s done. Captain Wilcox talks you through the landing and says: ‘The island is very tricky because of the terrain … it means we have to fly around the bay and very close to the terrain before completing a curving approach onto the runway.”

The captain adds that they normally use instruments to guide them into airports but at Funchal, they have to judge flying round the island visually.

cockpit video

Captain Wilcox adds: “Our highest priority is always safety. It’s built into everything we do, including our approved plan for flights to Funchal.

“While we will be focused on the technical aspects of the landing procedure, our customers will be able to enjoy the great views of the Atlantic and the beautiful island of Madeira.”

Flights to Funchal can be booked from £61 one-way on

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