Tips to flying off on a Valentine day trip

Valentine day trip

Not bought a Valentine present yet, then how about putting love in the air. British Airways says there has been a massive increase in people booking a Valentine day trip to destinations at home and abroad.

The day-tripper fares let customers travel from Heathrow to 16 specially selected European destinations such as Dublin (above) for the day on Saturdays and Sundays for £79, £89 or £99 return.

Stephen Humphreys, BA head of sales, said: “Valentine’s weekend will see the biggest increase in people travelling on our day-return flights since we launched them back in March 2014.

“The increase is a clear indication that people are going to great lengths to make Valentine’s Day as exciting and special as possible. With fares from £79 return, romantics can get to Europe and back for less than the price of a bottle of top-quality bubbly.”

Experts at relationship website eHarmony have also revealed an increase in the number of couples treating themselves to dates abroad.

eHarmony spokesperson, Jemima Wade, said: “If you and your partner are enjoying each other’s company it’s natural to want to spend all the time you can together, rather than just the occasional evening or weekend.

“Early in the relationship, especially if you live far apart, a holiday can offer the perfect solution. To make it both enjoyable and stress free, it’s worth putting some time and effort into the planning. After all, this is something you’re creating together, so use the planning stages, as much as the holiday itself, as a great way to get to know even more about each other.”

eHarmony’s Top 5 tips for couples taking their first trip abroad together:

Walk before you can run
For your first trip, keep the destination simple and the schedule relaxed, with minimal planning. You’ll discover a lot of new things about each other on your first trip – some good, some bad – and you don’t want the bad things to be magnified by a badly planned trip, or just too long in each other’s company without a break. A day trip abroad would be a great first step.

Allow plenty of time and be as organised as you can
To make the best of your time together, and to avoid any rows finding your way to the airport, allow plenty of time. Be prepared and pre-book car parking or trains for the airport run. Being organised makes the whole experience far more relaxed and enjoyable.

Make sure you’re on the same page
It’s best to be sure you know what you both want out of your trip, talk with your partner and agree the type of holiday you’re both hoping for. You might fancy a walking holiday in the Peak District while your other half is looking forward to cultural sites in Barcelona, or simply putting their feet up in the sun.

Money, money, money
Your first trip away together is likely to be the first time you’ll think about making a big purchase together. Have a chat about the money side of things early on to avoid any confusion; as money can have a nasty tendency to create quiet resentment between couples. Is it a treat from one of you or are you splitting everything 50-50? Ensure that you both have the same expectations about how much you want to spend; are you thinking a budget break, whilst they’re thinking Michelin starred restaurants? . The best way to approach this is to be completely honest before you set off.

Take a break from technology
If you’re spending money on a trip abroad together, it’s worth switching off your phone for at least a few hours during the day. Use this time to un-wind, and really get to know each other. Turn your email off, forget about work stresses and really focus on enjoying each other’s company.

Destinations from Heathrow:
£79 Dublin
£89 Stockholm, Amsterdam, Madrid, Barcelona, Rome, Nice, Brussels, Copenhagen, Hamburg, Milan, Geneva, Lisbon, Marseille, Newcastle, Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Glasgow
£99 Munich, Paris, Vienna and Manchester

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