Travelodge says holidaymakers will spend £1billion on items they forgot to pack


Packed: But have you got everything? Travelodge says we all forget two items

We’re all going on a summer holiday – without at least a couple of items each we need. Travelodge says Brits will spend £1 billion on items they forgot to pack!

Two thirds of us will forget two essential items, which include an essential toothbrush, the phone charger we can’t live without, sunglasses, perfume or aftershave, swimwear, sandals, toiletries, books, toys for the children and, believe it or not, sunscreen. And we’ll each spend an average of £35 to replace them.

The Travelodge survey also reveals that holidaymakers spend an average of nearly seven hours packing. This year, 69% of Brits are taking a holiday in the UK, spending on average £874 on a week’s holiday, boosting the UK economy by £40 billion.

Eight out of 10 adults said they found find packing very stressful and are clearly not that efficient, leaving out items they need. Just a fifth pack like a pro and use the rolling technique as recommended by experts.

Just over half like to stack their clothes and over a quarter are ‘flingers’ and throw everything into the case and hope for the best. The table below details Britons packing style

Shakila Ahmed of Travelodge said: “Annually over 18 million people stay with Travelodge and everyday our 567 hotel teams across the UK are helping customers find essentials they have forgotten.

“The phone/tablet charger, toothbrush, toothpaste, shaver and umbrella are the most popular essential items holidaymakers forget to pack. Essentials are usually forgotten because we are juggling other jobs whilst we are packing, spreading the process over several days or leaving it till the very last minute.” 

Travelodge’s Top 5 packing tips:

List It: Save yourself time and effort and make a list of everything you need for your trip and use this as a check list to review your case. To ease the process, choose one or two colour clothing schemes so that you can easily mix and match. Also plan your outfits before packing.

Roll It: Roll your clothes. This maximises space and minimize wrinkles. Pack heavier items of clothing at the bottom of the case and more delicate items on top.

Section It: Pack your clothing and items in sections so that you see what you have too much of and what you might have missed.

See It: Invest in see through travel bags and group small items together such as toiletries, chargers and beach items so that they are easy to find and all in one place in your case.

Charge It: Invest in one compatible charger for all your devices and take a portable battery pack to ensure you are charged throughout your trip.