Where are the cheapest holiday destinations?

cheapest holiday destinations

We’re all gearing up to book a summer holiday and we’re all in danger of overspending! So which destination do you choose to match your budget? Where are the cheapest holiday destinations?

Airport transfer company Hoppa has done your homework for you – naming the cheapest and most expensive of 84 destinations across the world based on accommodation, meals, drinks and taxi fares, as well as sightseeing bus tours and top attractions.

The cheapest is Bulgarian capital Sofia with an average price of £38.21 and Zurich in Switzerland tops the most expensive list at a budget-busting £170.43.

London comes in 12th, costing an average £121.41, slightly cheaper than Dublin but, surprisingly more expensive than Dubai.

And who would have thought that one of the cheapest pints can be found in Ibiza at as little as 80p? Las Vegas sits seventh with the average pint priced at £5.14.

When it comes to eating and drinking on the go, hoppa found that a burger from Venice will break the bank costing £12.81 (almost double the price compared to New York), but Manila is cheap as chips with an average price of £1.97.

Coffee lovers may be interested to know that the costliest caffeine is found in Copenhagen with an average price of £5.10, and the second cheapest is in Rome when you can enjoy a real Italian coffee for as little as £1.15. 

Cocktails is new to the list and prices range from £2.96 in Cuba to £18.06 in Bahrain. As for sightseeing bus tours – you can jump aboard in Kiev for £7.50, but be prepared to part with £54.50 if visiting Dubai.

The final addition to this year’s Cheapest versus Expensive report is the world’s top attractions.  Planning a trip to the stunning Grand Palace in Bangkok will only cost £11.38, whereas visiting Universal Studios (a must when holidaying in Florida) costs £127 for a day pass.

Matt Hall of Hoppa said: “We are delighted to share this updated report into the cheapest and most expensive destinations around the world, all of which are covered by hoppa vehicles. This year we have included 84 destinations with some interesting findings which we hope are helpful to holidaymakers when choosing their next destination.”

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