Young Brits choose Stonehenge as top landmark


Youngsters are usually criticised for spending too much time on their games consoles and not enough time learning about things ‘that matter’ – but a new poll shows just how interested they are in history.

The children’s tourism report by budget hotel chain Travelodge asked 2,500 young people for their views on which British landmarks are considered iconic attractions – and 5,000-year-old Stonehenge came top of the poll, with second place going to Hadrian’s Wall, which dates back to AD122.

Majestic homes also featured quite highly within the youngsters top-ten list of iconic British landmarks with third place going to Buckingham Palace – which has served as the official London residence of Britain’s sovereigns since 1837.

Scotland’s famous Edinburgh Castle, which was built in the mid 1700’s, and is perched on an extinct volcano, came fourth in the rankings with the Tower of London fifth.

The full top ten was:       

  1. Stonehenge
  2. Hadrian’s Wall
  3. Buckingham Palace
  4. Edinburgh Castle
  5. Tower of London
  6. Crown Jewels
  7. White Cliffs of Dover
  8. The London Eye
  9. Angel of the North
  10. Blackpool Tower

Shakila Ahmed of Travelodge said: “It’s great news that young Britons are keen to preserve our heritage as most of the attractions to make the children’s top ten list of iconic British landmarks are steeped in history.”

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