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personalised city maps

Fed up with fiddly maps with information you are not interested in? Had enough of ones that fall to pieces in your hands at the slightest drop of rain? Don’t want to pay excessive roaming charges when you are trying to find a café or museum while on holiday? The solution to all three comes in a new personalised city maps service from Dutch company Suggestme.

Suggestme’s website allows travellers to create their own personalised maps of a city – containing key sights topped up with hotspots suggested by both locals and fellow travellers on social media, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

The maps are then printed on tear-proof and waterproof paper, ready to be used in the harshest conditions and guaranteed to last for the duration of a trip.

Henk Jan Bijmolt of Suggestme said: “Our research shows that tourist maps are used on average 22 times a day so they take quite a beating and can fall to pieces quickly – but our maps are super-durable and will last long after travellers come home.

“What’s even better is that our maps don’t contain lots of redundant information either. The social media element of our website allows the traveler to know which are the most talked about places online at a certain moment in time.”

Suggestme maps are printed on super-tough A3 paper with information on both sides. The front features the map itself with important landmarks and personally selected hotspots, while the back has extensive information including addresses and opening times each selected map point.

Suggestme offers a personal map service for the following cities in Europe and America: Amsterdam, Berlin, Barcelona, New York, London, Stockholm, Boston, Prague, Rome, Paris, and Istanbul.

Maps cost $9.99 plus postage and packing charges and maps can be sent to Europe, America, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

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