Brits love to bare all when abroad

We Brits definitely lose our inhibitions when abroad: apparently one in five of us would head to a nudist beach when off these fair shores, as opposed to just five per cent who are willing to strip off in Blighty.

A survey of 16,500 Brits by online travel agent On the Beach asked holidaymakers if they would use nudist beaches abroad and back in the UK.

Results also reveal that despite women being renowned for spending more time soaking in the sun attempting to diminish tan lines, it’s actually British men that are most keen to get their kit off. Almost one in three (27 per cent) of guys are willing to head to nudist beaches abroad and 10 per cent would use the bare beaches back in the UK. However, British women appear more reserved with just 12 per cent stripping off overseas and a tiny 2 per cent back in the UK.

Although the younger generation are somewhat more confident on holiday with 20 per cent of under 30s willing to use nudist beaches abroad, back home it’s the older generation that feel more confident in their own skin, with almost one in 10 over 50s happy to head to nudist beaches in the UK, compared to just 2 per cent of the under 30s.

Alistair Daly of On The Beach said: “When on holiday, people often feel more audacious, confident in the knowledge they won’t bump into neighbours, colleagues or old friends. The weather could also have an effect on the willingness to strip off, as the chances of sporting obvious and irritating tan lines is somewhat lower after a day spent sunbathing in the mild UK temperatures compared to the scorching summers in the Mediterranean. ”

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