Relive the Battle of the Roses at Arundel Castle

Siege at Arundel Castle 2012. ©C&J Willis Photography 2012

The Houses of Lancaster and York are at it again… this time in a recreation of the Battle of the Roses at Arundel Castle. 

Held over the Bank Holiday weekend, the three-day battle, A Castle Under Siege, is said to provide a thrilling representation of castle life while under attack. 

The show includes:

  • More than 200 participants ensconced in battle and encampment life
  • The chance to try on 14th century replica armour
  • Medieval craft demonstrations, such as lucet weaving
  • Stories from the period

Away from the gunfire, cannons and combat of the battleground, guests can also experience a living encampment from the Middle Ages, showcasing crafts, cookery, armour repairs and more. 

During the siege event, visitors will be treated to breathtaking shows of combat from performers at Raven Tor, with two battles taking place each day.  

Castle Manager Bryan McDonald says: “It is wonderful to see such high calibre historical performers returning to Arundel Castle for the siege event this year. The event is full of thrills from start to finish. You can feel the excitement throughout the Castle.

“The Castle staff and I never know the final outcome of the siege until it is played out in front of us, so we are just as enthralled as the spectators!”

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