Which destinations are top of Brits’ lockdown holiday lists?

lockdown holiday

Favourite: This hotspot is top of Brits’ lockdown holiday list

There’s no doubt we are all going to appreciate being able to jet off on holiday when lockdown is finally over – but where to? A new TUI survey reveals that Brits are probably creatures of habits because the old favourites are top of lockdown holiday lists.

European hotspots include Spain (above), Greece and Italy and long-haul destinations Florida, the Caribbean and Mexico, which are borne out by TUI’s latest search trends.

And many holidaymakers don’t want to wait long for a break. Nearly half of people surveyed want to take a break before next summer, with 15% wanting to go as soon as possible and 16% by this winter.

Top 10 lockdown holiday list:
The Caribbean

lockdown holiday

Favourite: Florida is a top destination on TUI’s lockdown holiday list

Seven out of 10 people say their attitude to travel has changed and they will appreciate it far more after the Covid-19 crisis.

New data reveals two thirds of Brits have changed their attitudes towards travel with nearly 70% of us saying we will appreciate it more. Sightseeing and eating out are the things they are most looking forward to.

TUI, which has been embroiled in the refund claims crisis having to cancel thousands of holidays, is doing its best to inspire the nation to keep holiday dreaming with a ‘Lockdown Holiday List’ finder

One in five people say they are now more likely to book a holiday with family and friends they have been unable to see and a similar number are getting destination inspiration from looking at old holiday snaps.

lockdown holiday

Favourite: Beautiful Santorini is second on TUI’s lockdown holiday list

Meanwhile, one in ten claim they are more likely to visit places they’ve seen in the boxsets and TV shows they’ve watched in isolation. With people of all ages hooked on the recent adaptation of best-selling novel, Normal People, 20% have their sights set on a trip to the lush Italian countryside, while almost 1 in 5 (19%) are eager to holiday in Spain to follow in the footsteps of Villanelle, the star of Killing Eve.

Other destinations inspired by popular TV shows and films include Caribbean (24%), Greece (22%) and Florida (13%), with many spending time at home re-watching old favourites such as Pirates of the Caribbean, The Durrells, and Tiger King.

City breaks are going to be just as popular with more than 30% of people interested in taking one.

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